Author name: Jess Sarinana

If you’ve met Jessica Sarinana, you know she is always in motion. Since 2015 a large portion of that energy has been devoted into creating your favorite coffee shop. Bitten by the travel bug at age two when her family moved to Costa Rica, Jessica Sarinana has visited or lived in over 8 countries before settling down in Sierra Vista. With such a nomadic background she brings a unique perspective to the coffee business, having picked and eaten coffee straight off the coffee trees where she grew up in Ecuador. Of course she hasn’t stopped there! Since opening the shop she has played a pivotal role in creating the Tashi Tea line (specialty tea blends), as well as the popular deli lunch counter which serves premium cheese and meats and unique home made sauces.Not just an entrepreneur, Jessica cares for the local community. She is on a first name basis with most Brews Brothers regulars, and she is always interested in collaborating with local vendors and artists to help bring awareness to the hidden gems in our area.Stop by and say hi to our favorite fireball, and while you’re at it ask her to recommend one of her favorite Tashi Tea blends. Try them at

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