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Catering options

Since we cater ourselves, these following options can be fulling customizable.

Catering Options


A few things that can affect pricing

Add-on menu items

If you need us to prepare vegan, keto, or specialty items such as hors d’oeuvres, this will move the price per person anywhere from $3-$10.

Staff and supplies

If we need to bring extra staff or supplies such as tables and chairs, there will be a rental or hourly rate added on to the catering cost.

Driving distance

If your event is outside the service radius of the caterer, an extra fee will be added. These fees can vary on the caterer and are usually per extra mile.

Event date (holidays)

The timing of your event will affect catering costs. A weekend will generally be more expensive than a weekday event. Holidays will also greatly affect availability, which turns into increased pricing.

Extra time

You can expect us to generally be there for a set amount of time (typically 2-4 hours). If you need us to stay past our normal service time, expect to pay an hourly charge. If you us to serve multiple meal times (breakfast and lunch), expect to pay custom pricing that takes into account the extra food, prep, and staffing costs.
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